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Rectification comprehensive internal combustion engines powerful and comprehensive review "situ," or in our plant.

Control alignment with telescope microalineación optic accommodations bearings bancadas "on the spot" to determine with precision whether it is suitable for proper operation according to norms factory, or on the move, if it can verify corrected with anchor bolts and, if not possible, advise the alesado. It also allows us to control surface flatness motherboard, block, and any other figure these features up to 30 meters in length.

Alesado in large block of engine bearings bancadas accommodations on site or in our workshop, as well, if the deformation of them do not allow their alesado as standard, a customer's option, sobremedida, and in that case also manufacture bearings with support for such sobremedida. If you chose the alesado as factory, we have the option of filling all the properties that for a very experienced system itself, does not create tensions for their waste and ensures good adhesion, a dissipation optimum temperature on the estate.

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