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Planing and grinding for diferent needs: With brush or plane that allows jobs of up to 6,30 meters long by 2,30 meters wide, by 1,60 meters high.

Drilling or boring in big-engine crankcases: Of "in situ" main bearing housings, or at our workshop, as well as, if the distortions there of do not allow their drilling to standars measure, at the customer’s option, to oversize. If you choose drilling to manufacturer’s measure, we have the alternative of the filling of all housings which by an exclusive and tested system, does not create residual tensions and guarantees on account of is good adhesion, optimun frictional heatdissipation to the mass.

Drilling and milling: of several parts of up 2 meters long, 1.200 mm. hight and 1.500 mm. wide.

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