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Since 1935 Talleres Carmona provides efficiency and quality in service and parts for all types of industries.

Rectificación integral de motores de combustión interna. Compresores alternativos. Rectificación de compresores alternativos. Cigueñales. Rectificación de cigueñales. Recuperación de cigueñales. Cojinetes antifricción. Fabricación cojinetes antifricción. Bujes antifricción. Aros de pistón. Fabricación de aros de pistón. Cromo duro. Recuperación de piezas por cromo duro. Metalizado por aporte en frío. Mecanizados pesados.


It is a familiar company. The origin of this begins with Mr. Ricardo Carmona Ruano in Almeria, Spain, where he sets up a mechanical workshop in 1923, he repaired cars, but he had the necessity of growing up so, he looked for new horizons in Argentine, which was a prestigious country.In 1935 he embarked alone with three machines at Buenos Aires.

His idea was to search for a place with fertile land hard-working people. He chose the city of Chivilcoy known as "La Perla del Oeste".

With his natural conditions of humbleness and laboriousness, his personal commitment of growing and with an advanced mechanical development Mr. Ricardo brought his family that same year, his wife Gabriela Gómez and his four children: Salvador, Ricardo. Gabriel and Delia. Since then, it was a shared struggle with an enviable familiar union. He promoted a great development, more than twenty employees, a quite complete equipment of machines and his own building.

He includes two of his children, Salvador and Gabriel. They undertook great challenges for competing and tried to be different from the competence. They started to produce specific machines and to develop their own technology as hard chrome and arc spraying for recovery pieces.

In 1952, after making several machines they decide to make a rectifier for crankshafts and shafts up to ten meters length, being still today the biggest of south America, completely made by Carmona ´s family in their mechanical workshop. That manufacture took seven years to be ready but what is really important is that since the first starting up, in 1960, until today they make works with absolute precision and quality.

As much Salvador, who woeked several months in Europe as Gabriel in other trips, they acquired experience and technology to develop them in the company. For example, they started the manufacture of bearings and antifriction bushings up to one meter of diameter because to rectify big crankshafts for ships as much as for generators, was necessary to provide then of special bearings made out of measure or in standard. Even today there are problems with the shipping around the world.

In the course of time, they have achieved an unusual integrity of service, almost unique. With the possibility of repairing from a motorbike´s engine to a boat´s engine and be an eminet protagonist within his fiel not only at national level but also at international level ( Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Uruguay ).

Carmona´s Company has the capability to receive a motor of internal combustion or a gas compressor to recondition it and give it back repaired without the necessity of outsourcing the pieces with different suppliers, which permits to give a full guarantee, technical support and very important endorsement for its clients, reinforced down norms ISO 9001.

  • Don Ricardo Carmona Ruano

  • Sr. Gabriel Carmona Gómez

  • Sr. Salvador Carmona Gómez